Jersey Another Way

We were fed up with waiting for satisfactory sailing conditions that we left Brixham, went home and caught the Condor ferry from Poole to Jersey via Guernsey (in 4½ hours instead of 19 hours over 2 days).

Old Harry Rocks off Poole with an opportune break in the clouds
Our yacht never creates a rooster tail like this
La Corbiere Lighthouse at the SW corner of Jersey

We really enjoyed our time there visiting relatives M & V.

Back home, we set off for a local sail in the hope of better sailing. Once out in the Plymouth Sound, up went the sails, off went the engine and we sailed about half the way towards Fowey (again).

The next day, we had a superb sail to Falmouth, mostly on a beam reach, all the way into Carrick Roads in Falmouth Harbour. The last bit was close-hauled and involved several tacks. This was probably the best day’s sail that we’ve had for over 2 years! We planned to moor in the Visitors Haven Marina, but we were going to be rafted and the boats both in the Haven and the outside on the moorings were pitching and appeared very uncomfortable. We decided to visit the Penryn marina (after 20 years!) where it was very quiet and peaceful.

A couple of days later, we returned to Fowey to hide from the forecast strong easterlies. This was a good sail from Falmouth entrance to a few miles past Dodman Point when the wind died; the hoped for sea breezes materialised only as we arrived at the entrance to Fowey! We found our perfectly sheltered berth on the inside of the top pontoon. We didn’t feel any easterlies. The wind in the mornings and evenings blew up or down the river and the wind generator kept our batteries nicely topped up.

A very popular walk in Fowey is the Hall Walk; we joined plenty of others catching the upper ferry from Fowey to Boddinick along the walk and return via the Polruan ferry. We hoped for a cream tea in the Garden Room but they were closed following a burst pipe. Honour was very satisfied in the Well House!

Who can’t not like Fowey
The view from the Hall Walk over Pont Pill towards Dodman Point
Our Lunch Stop

The following day was wet, so we sheltered in our cockpit enclosure whilst others had to hide inside their boats with hatches closed.

We’ve had our good sail, so the return trip back home was another motor all the way! We needed to prepare for a birthday or two and a family get-together.

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