Still No Plan

We spent 5 days in Dartmouth waiting for the weather. It was either Force 6 or so in the Channel and when that abated it was foggy in the Channel Is. We got fed up waiting, so we went to Brixham.

Dartmouth to Brixham was a good sail, even if we did have Force 6 in Torbay, but with the 2nd reef in, it was fine. This was the first time we had the 2nd reef in for a reason. After a few hours, we moored alongside the MDL Events pontoon. The alternative was the town pontoon, but the shower block was about ½mile away as opposed to 100m.

We planned to stay 2 nights and leave 1st thing on the 3rd morning when it was forecast to be fair across the Channel and Guernsey no longer had 100+ French boats taking part in a race!

Years ago in our Westerly Centaur we stopped at Brixham and walked to Berry Head, it was a very pleasant walk away from the very busy tourist resort with loadsa children (and adults) crabbing from the sea wall. We didn’t remember all the fortifications that were on Berry Head.

A surprise on the way to Berry Head along the coast path

Brixham has a Rockfish! Friday supper was fish and chips in the restaurant above the fish market and a superb view over the harbour and beyond.

Brixham Breakwater is ½ mile long
Sunset over Brixham

By this time we had got really, really fed up with the weather as the C.I. were covered in fog. We don’t have radar on this boat and although we have AIS which tells us where the bigger boats and some of the smaller boats are, there are enough others who would be a hazard in fog. We decided to go back home and get to Jersey on the Condor ferry to see the Skipper’s brother and family!

We caught the tide from Berry Head all the way to the Mewstone outside Plymouth Sound.

Berry Head – Now you see it
Berry Head – and now you don’t (see it)

The wind was mostly S.E. and we managed to sail most of the way until 2 miles short of Warren Point East of Plymouth Sound. We got back to our mooring and packed up the stuff we needed for the next few weeks and went ashore the following morning whilst the tide was high enough. Friends D & A in Cargreen, fed us coffee and roast lamb! We definitely didn’t deserve that, but many thanks, it was lovely!

Next stop Jersey, via Home and Poole. We get back later in time for a sail along the Devon & Cornwall coast, return for a 1st birthday party, a family gathering, a tour around England seeing friends and a 80th birthday party. Hopefully, we get some more sailing later in July.

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