Two Trips for the Price of One

Our other reader will be aware that we have acquired a grandson, courtesy of our daughter S. While the Boss was doing grandmother duties in Somerset, the Skipper took the opportunity to get some sailing in. Well, I tried on Fri 6 Jul when the Skipper departed CYC on the tide! Far too much of this trip was under engine, usually with one or both sails up and was not what the Skipper needed!

Day one, Fri 6 Jul: from Cargreen to R. Yealm was an excellent sail from Drake’s Is, out about 8 miles South and back into the Yealm for the night.

Late afternoon in the River Yealm with Newton Ferrers in the Background

Day 2: As I was solo, I got up lazily, left at reasonable time towards Fowey, there wasn’t much wind but lots of sun as with everywhere else so it was a bit of a drift there but I managed to sail 3/4 of the way. No sooner had I arrived, D arrived in his dinghy to say hello, so he and A were invited for afternoon tea a little later so I could at least get the boat “put to bed” (sails covered, lines tidied, cockpit ready for guests). We agreed to meet later for supper at Haveners on the town quay. They have two menus: outside and inside; we sat outside with a slightly limited choice menu. Food was generally good, although my moules were not as good as I had hoped, too much liquid, not enough cream. The others were happy with their choices.

I left early expecting a reasonable but slow sail back home, however, there was so little wind that I motored slowly back with the mainsail doing little more than providing the shade! There should have been sea breezes but they didn’t materialise; the clouds beyond Plymouth seemed to indicate that they were around somewhere.

Rame Head from the South West


Thu 19 Jul The Boss, daughter and grandson were settled and we were ordered to go off sailing by the daughter! The forecasts were the usual guesses by the Met Office and were mostly or partly wrong which, in light winds, means quite a bit! We decided to go West, to Fowey and then on to Helford & Falmouth while other friends went East.

We went to the boat the day before departing to sort ourselves and the boat out for the week away. We caught the tide down-river still trying to decide which way to go, in the end it was to Fowey for a couple of days and then further east. Day one was an uneventful sail most of the way, even getting up to 5.5knots boatspeed! In these hot conditions, the wind is up and down and it died for the last hour, so we motored in and, for a change, moored on one of the upper pontoons.

As we have done most of the walks around Fowey, we try to do a variation of a theme. The following day we tried to be in the shade as much as possible. We recommend the Garden House for their cream tea, especially if you can get a table in the garden!

Fowey looking across to Polruhan

Sat 21 Jul We planned to sail to Falmouth but the lack of wind and from a direction not forecast gave us another opportunity to motor. Just as well as we refuelled in Fowey at their 24hour facility. It’s just like the 24 hour pumps at supermarkets and worked very well. We stopped off at the town pontoon to top up the water tank as well.

We picked up one of the Falmouth Harbour moorings and later discovered that prices had gone up again! We won’t be back to the harbour very soon!

Mooring in Falmouth


Cruise Ship in for just the night?!

On Sun, we caught the ferry to Flushing and walked back to the yacht haven, something we hadn’t done before and saw plenty of live-aboards in the creeks, the number rather suprised us.

A distorted panorama looking NE across the Pool in Falmouth

We ate at the Harbour View looking out over the harbour. We will definitely be back! The food was excellent: proper moules and sardines.

Mon 23 Jul This was the day for an excellent sail –  a rarity in complex high pressure systems. It certainly made up for all the motoring. We finished sailing close-hauled going up the Helford river towards the moorings and motored the final mile or so, picking up a mooring at the eastern end. Some of the green visitors moorings have a white label on them which the skipper initially thought that they were booked – they actually show the charges!

The new moorings officer owns a Sadler 29 next to our mooring and is most helpful. He went out to late-comers to point where to moor and checked the anchorage which is restricted by the eelgrass.

The Boss planned our walk on the Durgan side of the river to include the Trebah Garden.

Trebah Gardens looking up the hill

Helford is a very good place to stay with the wind in the North, perhaps in the South, definitely not from the East, from the West it is funnelled down the valley and can get quite interesting! The moorings are very substantial!

Sunset on our last night in Helford

Wed 23 Jul We wanted to be back home by Thu night, so we set off in reasonable time with the hope for a reasonable wind. No chance! It was a motor all the way. We raised the main just to stabilise the boat against any wash, but it gave us very little thrust. The genoa went up for an hour or so as the 5-8 knot wind went around to the SE and that helped us a bit. The best wind of the day was going up the Hammoaze in Plymouth where we reached 19 knots but that died away soon after. Where did that come from, eh, Met Office?

We spent the evening and part of the morning sorting clothes out into washing / need on the trip to the Lakes / keep on the boat for next time. The Skipper did 2 trips with stuff and a final one with the Boss.

There was too much motoring for the Skipper and there has been for everyone else. Friends motored most of the way to the Scillies and back and had a super time. I’m not jealous or anything.







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