A Favourite Port Re-visited

The Boss has proved that she is considerably better, on Fri 8 Jun, we loaded up for a short trip to Fowey. Our timing was such that we were sailing against the tide most of the time! It was neaps, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

The wind generator has paid off because the batteries were fully charged when we got on board, unlike last year when the batteries, which were on their last legs, would be almost flat! We sailed downwind most of the way to Fowey from Plymouth Sound until the wind started to drop in the late afternoon about an hour before we arrived. The Fowey mooring buoys normally have a large ring on the top to thread the mooring line through; some now have a small shackle on the top that is far too small for a standard mooring threader. In the end, the Skipper had to lie on the deck and thread a thin line through. We couldn’t do that on our last boat with 1.5m freeboard at the bow! The mooring officer apologised but it appears that the thicker gauge of chain doesn’t work with the old mooring hoops, so customers of Fowey will have to put up with this until the Fowey Harbour Authority rethinks their “money saving” policy.

Moored in Pont Pill

The debate for the evening meal lasted all of 30 seconds; we went to The Ship and, as usual, the food was excellent.

Fowey from the Town Quay; we are moored in the middle of the pic

R & M weren’t in Fowey this time, so we went for a walk instead of sailing back to Newton Ferrers. We discovered later that it wasn’t busy as we thought and T & M from Avocet were in Cellar Bay playing with their new toy – a paddleboard!

View from above Fowey, looking East

On Sunday, we were up and away by 9 to sail back home. We were close-hauled all the way and only had to tack twice to get around Rame Head and we sailed up the river as far as the Ferries when the wind started to die again. Saltash were obviously having fun with their town regatta and we had to manouvre through the dinghies, rowing boats and other craft.


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