Cuchulainn Ashore for the Winter

The boat is now chocked and propped at the Yacht Haven Quay for the winter. Unlike last year, there is not much to do, thankfully, but we did remove two car loads of “Stuff”!

This is Half of one Carload of "Stuff"!

This is Half of one Carload of “Stuff”!

Anything that shouldn’t get wet or damp is back home … The house is now full, the store will be full and we haven’t even removed the cushions; they are remaining on the boat and will be kept dry with a dehumidifier.

When the boat was lifted out, the Boss noticed a raised bit of fibreglass on the skeg (about 2cm long). I thought that the metalwork inside the skeg was corroding – either aluminium or stainless. Sadlers used alot of aluminium¬† ‘cos it was cheaper but almost the worst material possible in an underwater saltwater environment.

Will, the bossman of the Quay recommended Nathan Bone as a good, on-site shipwright, who came over to have a look and removed the lifted material and found this:

Poorly built Skeg

Poorly built Skeg

The hole was full of uncured resin – still soft and crumbly! Nathan will be grinding back to good fibreglass on both sides and up the skeg until he gets to solid glass and rebuilding as new. Probably twice the exposed area we can see here.

We’ve decided to drop the idea of installing a heater this year, but have spent twice as much on a new suit of sails instead. We’ll go faster, stay more upright for longer in stronger winds and the reefs will be much better. The Skipper willl now have more time to rebuild the kitchen at home.

In the spring, we’ll decide where we are going in 2017 ….


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