Sailing? Wot Sailing?

We launched on 25 May, and here we are on 28 Jun and the boat has gone to the Yacht Haven once to meet up with friends, get some chandlery and fill up with water. Since then, nothing! There are very good reasons, the Skipper needed some hospital-based maintenance and recovery time. During the trip back from the marina, the bolt holding the alternator onto the engine block broke. I don’t have the necessary to undo the stud. This is a job for Weir Quay boatyard.

Now we are almost ready to go sailing, it just adds insult to injury as this must be one of the worse Junes for weather. What with a few friends who have come back form the Scillies saying that the weather was wonderful. Thanks Guys! Although, they decided yesterday not to go to St Malo today because the weather is *&%£.

We haven’t neglected Cuchulainn, we’ve been down three times and have finished off jobs left over from the refit at Boating World including putting waterproof connector boxes for the bow and stern lights, hooks for the mooring lines in the cockpit locker and other little bits, moved stuff around the cabin a couple of times, &c.


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