Chainplates and Cockpit

The Boss and Skipper were on the boat this weekend facing our separate challenges of getting stuff off the deck. The Boss decided that swinging a hammer to strip off the “teak” ply off the cockpit seat was her thing, whilst the Skipper continued with the removal of the chainplates.

The Boss with Two Weapons!

The Boss with Two Weapons!

To start off, the Boss put the Skipper inside the aft locker and we managed to remove the final cleat. The next two-handed job was undoing the bolts holding the chainplates, one person in the saloon, the other in the locker or, on the port-side, the heads. Some of the nuts were buried inside the double skin and, we hope, still fixed in the resin when the boat was built.

Access to Underside of Chainplate via a Rough Old Hole

Access to Underside of Chainplate via a Rough Old Hole

We’re discovering that the boat-builders did not finish the detail very well. Each chainplate is fixed to the deck with 4 bolts and the aft pair have backing washers and nuts for every bolt. However, access to the forward chainplate nuts is by drilling out the holes in the bulkhead, (behind the discoloured gelcoat to the left of the metalwork) even then some of the bolts are just stuck into resin without a backing nut.


Aft Chainplate, Cover cut away to access securing bolts

We now have another winter job which will be to drill out access to all 4 bolts and clean the space out to insert nuts for each bolt, then to clean up the rough holes that have been dug! Eventually, we got all 4 chainplates off and discovered that they had all leaked as is evident from the black staining under the plate.

Both Chainplates Removed

Both Chainplates Removed

We are well organised (I hope), we labelled everything that we have removed! The next day, the Skipper attacked the cockpit and removed the rest of the ply from the seats, however, I think that I have forgotten the thin piece behind the locker lid (just visible)!

Cockpit Seat Removal - Work in Porgress

Cockpit Seat Removal – Work in Porgress

The bent chisel, made from an old tyre lever, worked very well. The hammer may be old, but it is well balanced and did the job well! Next challenge is to remove all the old glue by scraping it off and finally cleaning with a solvent but I’m not sure what will work. Watch this space! We still have to remove one more deck fitting – the fresh water inlet, but we need a heat gun to soften the tube to remove it from the fitting. This required the removal of the chart table locker (again).


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  1. The Boss

    No, I didn’t put him in the aft looker. He got in himself but it was a tight fit, and it was tempting to shut him in!!


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