Work on Thu 12 Dec


Chart Table

Chart Table Before Work Started

I met three contractors to do specialist work on the boat today. I started with a stainless steel fabricator who can’t do any in-situ work to the pulpit which is broken, ‘cos of hassle with other boats. I may not be able to remove it, so I’m thinking again!

Tim Beck, the gas man, thought the cooker may be salvageable, but we don’t like it so we may get a 2nd hand one from him to get us going. He will replace all the tubing with new copper tube and install the regulator, armoured line to the cooker and cut-off valve.

Louis, of LMR Marine will be making good lots of holes etc in the cockpit left over from the  last 25 years, and replacing the engine cooling seacock.

I have now removed the rubbish that someone installed by the chart table and will start again soon with a new design closer to the original Sadler fit. I cut a pattern for the wash boards for the main hatch. What I thought was 18mm for the washboards isn’t –  it’s 16.5mm; so, I’ll be trimming the 18mm marine ply to fit. Bother!

There is a leak around the windlass because the void under the windlass chassis was full of yeuccchhh water! When I can disconnect the cables, I’ll take it home to repair/dry/ clean and then replace.

Managed to finish clearing up about 10 mins before the drizzle started during the rush hour home.


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