Quickie on Sunday

In between everything else that is going on, I managed a “short” day on the boat on Sunday, in between the showers that weren’t forecast!

The windlass is now fully installed, sealed to the deck with Sikaflex, cables connected to the change-over relay and it goes forward and backwards. I’ve ensured that no water can get inside through the cable tubes by filling them with building foam. It will be hell getting that stuff out of the tube to remove cables connected to the windlass! Hope it’s not me! Final job is to sand down¬†and varnish¬†the shelf in the forecabin under the cable run and control switches mounted on deck by the windlass. That job can wait until much later.

As it was raining quite hard, I hid under the tarpaulin and finished the NMEA connections and connected everything up and it all works, except the transfer of AIS info from the radio to the chart-plotter. I suspect (and hope) that it can be solved by reading the manual.

Louis is getting on with the stanchion blocks, however, last time I was down, the port deck drain was blocked and it flooded up through one of the covered stanchion block holes. I eventually removed a small handful of rubbish (mostly old plastic tape and paint chippings) from when I pressure-washed the deck.

Next job is the heads locker and sanding the deck in preparation for the non-slip paint.


2 thoughts on “Quickie on Sunday

  1. Chris

    Hi my name is Chris and I am in the process of buying a Sadler 34 without a windlass. I will be sailing shorthanded and trying to pull the chain up or using a manual windlass would make life difficult and therefore I am looking at a vertical electric winch connected to the main batteries via a long cable. Have read about your installation could you send me a few more details/ tips on installing the windlass? What is the make and type of windlass you fitted and installing the cable from the batteries sounds horrendous but having read Vyv Coxs article he used 25mm welding cable.

    Any advice would be appreciated



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