Are we nearly there yet?

The boat is coming on and should be ready by the end of June. I don’t want to pay yet another month of storage.

All the instruments appear to be working except the speed log which needs the instrument connections redone as at least one is broken and one of the other two looks dubious. All the cabling is now tidy, secured with plastic ties, especially inside the quarter berth locker! But it does mean that behind the chart table locker there are miles of extra cable which I will deal with later. (I do have a “List of Jobs for Later”!) The remote mic for the radio is partially installed in the starboard cockpit locker. Next job is to make the connections at the mast foot inside the cabin.

The heads locker is ready to be rebuilt with new shelves, painted & varnished front and (I hope) better securing to the boat. We now have a full compliment of new and refurbished seat locker covers. However, Sadler made them from 9mm ply interior instead of 12mm marine ply which I’ve used. It means that the old ones are a bit weak especially where they have got wet. It appears that this boat leaked like a sieve at some time in its life!

I’ve finally got rid of the last remaining bolt from the stemhead fitting – more drilling and a big hammer helped. I got some applause when I cheered as it dropped into the anchor locker. In the meantime, Daco Engineering have finished their work and I collected it on Wed. It still fits! But, I’m going to drill out the holes a little and fill some redundant ones. I may need to do a bit of filing on the repaired hole to get it aligned with the now filled hole. Confused yet? – you should be, ‘cos I am!

The boom is now on; all the clutches are installed so once the forestay is re-rigged correctly she’s ready to go. I think the people making the cockpit cover are waiting for the boom to be on so that they can ensure the canopy clears it when being folded. Louis has some jobs to do as well but he’s not been around for several days. I hope they can finish it before we launch.

The only bit of the water plumbing we’ve retained is the calorifier. I’ve built a box for it with a lid to protect it from the rough stuff from being inside the cockpit locker. The aft locker with much more room requires the tiller to be lifted right up for access. Maybe I’ll split the lid into two at some stage. I’ve used scrap ply for it and apart from the paint shouldn’t cost much.

Although my jobs list is over 10 pages long, seven pages have been done (or deferred), so I’ve only got 3 left but most stuff has been done and I haven’t added anything substantial for several weeks. The last big jobs are the stem head fitting, sanding and then painting the deck with non-slip and stripping the antifoul, priming the hull with Primocom and 2 coats of antifoul.



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