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Plan A? No A Plan.

We hoped that after a couple of nights at Dartmouth Darthaven marina we would be ready to set off towards Guernsey. We were, but the weather wasn’t. The forecast was Force 6 in the Channel, fog patches both in the channel and around the Channel Is. We do not have radar on this boat and we have a couple of weeks in which to make the crossing, we have decided to wait until the weather improves.

We’ve been coming to Dartmouth for 20 years or so and we have never been on the Paignton to Dartmouth railway. Sun 26 May 19 was the day we did. Diesel powered to Paignton; a 4 mile walk to Churston and a steam engine back.

The diesel took us to Paignton and the steam engine brought us back

The steam engine appeared to be American.

The steam engine had USA on the coal and water wagon.

We’ll be staying in Dartmouth until the weather improves sufficiently for us to have a pleasant, if long, trip to St Peter Port in Guernsey.

We’re off towards Dartmouth via R. Yealm

There have been lots of family stuff, visits etc and by Mon 20 May, we’re now ready to set off for a month or so in the Channel Is and France. Loading day was Mon; Tue saw us back on the boat to set off on Wed.

Mon 20 May – Wed 22 May

Whenever we go away, we always seem to take loadsa stuff. The Skipper made two journeys to load up with clothes, walking gear and stuff. On Tue afternoon, we took mostly food and the few things that we had forgotten the previous day and then we packed it away in places that we would forget; the Skipper would the Boss doesn’t! On Wed morning, the tide was ebbing and it took us down river at a reasonable speed to Mayflower marina to fill up with some fuel, but mostly water which was empty. After a mug of tea we set out into Plymouth Sound, where we managed to sail for about 2 hours – a first this season. We finished the day on a visitor’s mooring in the R. Yealm.

Thu 23 May

After a few exchanges of texts with J & E, they came across from Cawsand and joined us for an hour or so before they went back home. It was great seeing them after quite some time.

We did a bit of tidying and cleaning, and went for a walk from the ferry steps on the Wembury side to Clitters Wood. The Yealm is always a pleasant spot.

R. Yealm looking South from Clitters Wood

Cuchulainn on a visitors mooring inthe R. Yealm

Fri 24 May

Time and tide wait for no sailors, we were therefore up in good time to catch the tide around Start Point towards Dartmouth with a forecast of W or NW 3-4 occasionally 5. My usual rant: what did we get 1 – 2 – 3 W or SW, later it became all over the place. We mostly motor-sailed with an hour or so of engine-less sailing.

We pre-booked a berth at Darthaven marina in a good place to escape on Sun when we head off towards Guernsey.

Apologies for the Lack of Posts

I’m about to put that right!

We had Cuchulainn lifted out at Weir Quay again as they are very convenient for us, no more than 20 mins away.

The view from Weir Quay in Nov 18.

The winter work of varnishing the interior was completed, thanks to the very mild and dry Feb. The foredeck was ground back to fair glass or filler and filled and faired with epoxy filler and finally painted with serveral coats of 2-pack polyeurethane white paint.We managed to polish the hull this year as well! Plus the usual cleaning and antifouling.

However, an unplanned job was to rework the skeg and hopefully, third time lucky, it is now fixed. Many thanks to Saul and Max (?) at Weir Quay for removing duff insides and refilling, fairing and painting.

The mess of a skeg in need of repair.

We were launched on 8 Apr 19 ready to sail except for a couple of jobs up the mast. The Skipper installed a new VHF aerial and windex, destroyed by the rooks, crows, jackdaws and Mr T Cobley. He also re-threaded the lazyjacks and the flag halyards.

Skipper up mast fixing flag halyards

On Fri 19 Apr, we set off towards our favourite port – Fowey for a pleasant shake-down sail. Well, we motored all the way from the breakwater to Fowey. We had motored down from our sailing club to give the engine a good run after 6 months silence. We did manage to sail from Drakes Is to Penlee Point.

The Boss and Skipper having lunch in Fowey

Fowey Harbour from the Fort

And then we motored all the way back without any sails ‘cos there was no wind! The joys of a yottie.