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Dartmouth and Back

The Boss and the Skipper made several journeys from home to the Club and the boat loading stuff. Finally, we went on board, more or less ready on Wed 9 May and set off at 10:30 the following morning to catch the tide down the river towards Dartmouth; the timing was such that we also had favourable tides around Bolt Tail, Bolt Head and Start Point. The sea was quite an unpleasant “Moderate” which lessened as we got further East. It was a 7 hour trip and went into a berth at Darthaven Marina. The plan was to wait for favourable winds to St Peter Port in Guernsey.The crossing on Friday was not very pleasant, Saturday was Southerly and therefore head winds and Sunday became “The Plan”.

Dartmouth was holding its annual music festival, with music for every taste from classic to jazz to heavy metal rock! We could hear the main band from across the water very well! Our first night’s supper was at the Ship Inn in Kingswear (300m walk from the marina) for their weekly steak night. Excellent food!

We used both the Upper ferry and Lower ferry to do some last minute shopping before we set off, and had our annual dose of a visit to Simon Drew. He, of the cards, and those who have visited us: of the place mats! The music in his shop was very nostalgic: The Bonzo Dog DoDa Band!  the Skipper last saw at Southampton as a student! Simon has been mistaken for the singer, Viv Stanshall!

We got up very early (for us) on Sun and departed in virtually no wind, clearing the harbour entrance with the mainsail up by 05:45, towards St Peter Port. The Boss had just topped up the Skipper’s mug of tea in the cockpit when she slipped off the 1st or 2nd step and fell onto her back onto the saloon floor – quite some distance! This was VERY painful! We went through several scenarios, but ended up with the Boss in the day bunk dosed with painkillers. The Skipper took the boat back to Plymouth and up river to Cargreen during which our brand new autopilot really earned its keep.  We had “fun” manoeuvering the Boss around the backstay, down the boarding ladder and into the dinghy. The rest was relatively easy with two walking poles to help her along the Club causeway to the car. The worse part was going to A&E with the waiting, which neither of us do very well!

We’ll be back when everything is better.

PS Apologies for a lack of photos in this blog, but there are none!

On the Water

The boat is now on her mooring off Cargreen awaiting crew, food and weather for us to go off sailing!

On Sun 6 May, we took the boat down the river for a check sail to make sure everything was working and the lines were all correctly rigged. The sun was shining, the wind was gentle and the sea almost smooth!

When the skipper correctly set the autopilot, it worked very well! It held a course very easily with very little effort when compared with our old one. It motored towards a waypoint as well! The Boss was very pleased with the new fridge; it cooled down quickly and held it cool temperature very well.

We had lunch hove-to near the Mewstone South of the Breakwater and motored across to Cawsand to meet up with D & A, who spent the night there, despite a nasty bit of land breeze at silly o’clock that morning.

The Skipper went down to the boat on Mon to play with the autopilot again and he worked out to sort the wind vector side which worked well. The hot and cold taps in the galley are now correctly marked! The toerails and coachroof handrails are now rubbed down and have at least one coat of woodskin and they look much much better!

The next challenge is to be in Dartmouth for the right wind to get across the channel to Guernsey – almost anything except winds between South and East. Next Fri, appears to be the only “bad”day!