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Pre-Launch Work

To save my other reader getting bored with minutae, I have decided to skip all the detail and just give the highlights.

Master Blaster was on-site in Feb, so I asked him, through Andy of Weir Quay Boatyard, to grit blast the keel, because the antifoul kept falling off! The next time I came to the boat, it was painted in grey epoxy.

Gritblasted Keel with Anti-rust Epoxy

I’ve filled and faired most of the holes in the keel, sanded off the rust stains that appeared, and put on 3 coats of epoxy paint, followed by a coat of Primacon and now two coats of antifoul are on. The standing water under the boat is a real mess and does not help working conditions!

The holes that I made in the glass-fibre part of the forward bulkhead in the saloon have been filled and faired and are nearing ready to have blanking plugs, but there’s still work to do, not least matching gelcoat colours!

Port Saloon Bulkhead

Stbd Saloon Bulkhead

As we are under the trees at Weir Quay, we kept betting covered with leaves; the worst were eculyptus which stained the deck. Pressure washing the deck helped, but a good hand scrub with a stiff brush and detergent has done the job of a clean deck. The toe rails have been washed and rubbed down and we’ve started brushing on Woodskin which appears to work well, but it does need 3 coats – another work-in-progress job!

The boat is now fully rigged, both sails up, canopy and cockpit enclosure on. The latter is to stop serious downpours the try to fill the engine bilge via the aft cockpit locker lid. The problem is we are tilted down by the stern that causes the rain water to flow back rather than forward over the locker lid (I think)!

I’ve de-winterised the engine, which started very easily and now runs very well; many thanks to Spencer of Weir Quay. I’ve also replaced both anodes, one on the prop shaft and the other is a peardrop shape for the engine and skeg; any ideas what I can do with the 3/4 used anodes?

The fresh water tank is almost full.

The Boss has cleaned the whole of the inside of the boat, except for my mess on the chart table! Many thanks!

We’ve got all our stuff to load in the next few days, retreive the gas bottles that the yard removed for some obscure health & safety reason.

The launch date is Thu 19 Apr…..