Monthly Archives: January 2018

Winter Work (cont)

A progress report of sorts;

The fridge is all but complete, however, I broke the sensor tube for the thermostat. I placed it in a convenient place above the cool box, but the sensor wasn’t long enough, so I put it nearer the cool box, but the tube had to be moved from exiting the unit out the back to out the base and the very thin tube broke. So I ordered a new unit, just before Christmas but it’s now arrived at Mt Batten Boathouse. but I’ve got to get there to pick that up and some other stuff.

Tim of Tim Beck Engineering fitted the compressor onto my backet in the cockpit locker and carefully unwound the condenser tubing (it’s aluminium, much to my suprise) very carefully and threaded it through the back wall of the cool box, re-wound it up and fixed it to the bulkhead out of the way. He then connected it up, both tubes and the electrics, put a jumper on the missing thermostat pins and it worked. The plate got down to -16°C and was drawing 2½amps. This is much better than the old one, and we could hardly hear the compressor running. – V quiet. When I’ve fitted the thermostat, the last job is to fix the condenser plate to the side of the cool box, seal up the hole that carries the tube, probably with plasticine (don’t ask, it’s what Tim uses to seal the holes!)

The tap in the galley is very slightly loose so I’ve disconnected and removed everything: tap, filtered water pump and old and unused seawater pump, removed the perspex splash guard, not to mention the shelves and cleaned up the varnished wood. Today, I put the 1st coat of varnish onto the sink surround to be followed by at least 6 more, inc a few rubbed down. The I’ve got to put everything back, in the right place. One of the shelves was very difficult to remove!

I’ve never been happy with connecting a swivel directly onto the Bruce anchor, so I’ve copied what Vyv Cox has done and connected the anchor to the swivel via 3 links of chain. Yhis will prevent the swivel being pulled at right angles when the tide changes and drags the anchor around. (His website is full of excellent advice, especially on Sadlers.)

Remaining jobs are lots of little ones, some I’ve already done, for example, I’ve revarnished the outboard bracket, however, I’ve need to find a way/place to refit it with the wind generator and the stays that are now in the way!

Launch day is only 45 days away; delete all the wet days, a very rare holiday abroard and there’s not much time left!