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Only Small Stuff This Winter!

Nathan Bone, the on-site shipwright, completed the repair to the skeg very well. Now I’ve got to do all the rest of the stuff.

The battery was being drained very quickly by the fridge and we found that, for a double-skinned boat with closed-cell foam in all the voids, there was no insulation on one side of the fridge. In the galley locker, there was just 2 glassfibre panels, about 5 – 10mm apart and no insulation. We were looking to install solar panels and/or a wind generator. Instead, I’ve filled the voids with building foam, followed by¬† 50mm of Celotex (closed-cell foam used by the builers) with 12mm ply to support the shelf. The end is currently covered with aluminium tape.

Celotex before the ply was fitted.

Celotex before the ply was fitted.

Work was much easier without the door! I expect I’ll trim the foil tape sometime and refit the door!

While the engine was being serviced and winterised by Merve of Mt Batten Boathouse, he found the hoses to the calorifier were on their last legs and needed replacing. I have fixed the stop valves in both lines to the galley bulkhead:

Stop Valves fixed

Stop Valves fixed

Before they were loose in the locker and always got in the way.

Other stuff done so far:

Completing the drawers for the new locker on the starboard side, forward of the chart table. The glasses cabinet was completed last winter.

Installing locker dividors in what was the “extra” bunk on the port side. A previous owner cut the bunk down to a about 200mm high. we will have room for A4 book shelf, 2 shelves for paperbacks and 1 large and 1 small space for “stuff”!

Varnishing all the floor boards, debating whether to put non-slip finish on them; concensus is that we will.

Need to get stuff done early, ‘cos we got a shower room and a kitchen to refit this winter as well.