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River Fal in a Storm and Going Back Home

We were stuck in Falmouth Haven for a week, sitting out the storms, along with loadsa other people. The Berthing master was juggling boats to get them all in! Despite the winds of SW Force 6, 7, 8, we were very sheltered and enjoyed our time. There were 3 other boats from Cargreen doing the same as us!

We walked around the coast to Pendennis, along the bathing beach to Swanpool and back through the town. The beach was almost deserted in the F6 – 7 winds but at least it was dry. The last time we were stuck here about 20 years ago in our Westerly Centaur, we went on the bus to Truro, so we did the same this time and visited the cathedral and listened to a lunchtime organ recital; the Boss went shopping in M & S (!); we had lunch in a lovely café and enjoyed the day out with the circuitous bus ride around the countryside via the new Falmouth (Exeter) University campus.

One afternoon was spent watching the new Swallows and Amazons film. The Boss watched ALL the credits ‘cos she knew most of the locations! The Maritime museum was holding a special exhibition on the Vikings was very interesting, even mentioned Lydford. However, it was full of kids, doing what kids do!

After the wind and seas had diminished, we set off towards Fowey, sailing all the way downwind despite the rolly swell; we had to gybe several times but managed to sail most of the way. Whilst in Fowey, we walked part of the Saints Way and had our 1st cream tea of the trip at the Garden House, probably the best cream teas in Fowey.

We thought we could sail to Salcombe next but the tides would be very much against us near Bolt Head, unless we got us very early, we don’t do that! So we sailed to Newton Ferrers for a couple of nights before catching the morning tide back to Cargreen. This was the best sail of the trip averaging over 5.5 knots on a beam or broad reach (fastest point of sailing) all the way. A small school of dolphins joined us for a few minutes; we think they were Bottlenose Dolphins. We also saw a different dolphin, much darker grey with a different dorsal fin; it might have been a Porpoise.

During this trip, the battery runs down very quickly, presumably with the fridge, however the Skipper discovered in this foam filled boat, there is virtually no insulation on one side of the fridge – another winter job is to install 2in plus of insulation. Last year in France, we connected to mains power in every marina, as it is part of the deal over there, unlike the UK.

A Fine Sunset on the River Yealm

A Fine Sunset on the River Yealm at Newton Ferrers

We walked to Wembury to get some bread before the Skipper ran out!

The Coast Looking Towards Wembury with Recent Rockfalls (one of many)

The Coast Looking Towards Wembury with Recent Rockfalls (one of many)

A motor in the morning back to Cargreen and off-load all our stuff

2016 Sailing Holiday Starts

At last! We have set off on our sailing trip for 2016, about 4 months late. The delay started with the extended time upgrading the deck; then came waiting for an operation, which did happen and now the Skipper is much better but still unfit; family events got in the way. Finally, after both of us getting over the nasty cough virus that’s been doing the rounds, we set off on Tue 9 Aug towards Fowey.
We motored-sailed down the river from Cargreen to the Bridge by Drake’s Island and sailed, close-hauled most of the way to Fowey but motored for the last hour.
We have now convinced ourselves that we really do need new sails because the current suit are really stretched meaning that we could not get them flat enough in the 15 – 22 knots of wind. (A purchase for this winter.)

We Walked to Gribben Head from Fowey

We Walked to Gribben Head from Fowey

Fowey is probably our favourite port, so we stayed here for 4 nights (now over half-way to getting our 7th night free on our loyalty card!) As we are both unfit after several months of inactivity, we went on fairly gentle walks, first to Gribben Head and then to Lantic Bay on the 2nd day.
On Sat 13 Aug, we set off fairly early towards Falmouth, hoping to sail some of the way in more gentle breezes. Instead we got wet from drizzle and some rain, motor-sailing in the head-winds until after lunch, when the sun came out and the wind veered and we had a great sail that suited our baggy sails! Plenty of boats, including a fleet of Falmouth classic boats under full sail came past on their way to Fowey Regatta. We’ve escaped the madness!
We moored up the River Fal on a pontoon up from King Harry’s ferry and all is very quiet, in bright sunshine and supper on deck.The Smugglers Inn has closed and appears to be a private house.

Moored in Lovely Surroundings up the River Fal

Moored in Lovely Surroundings up the River Fal

The following morning we motored up the river to Malpas and back down to anchor off Trellisick House at the North end of the harbour. The house is now partially open and the gardens are as good as ever. The hydrangeas were lovely, however, not surprisingly we missed the rhododendrons!
On Monday morning, the winds were forecast to increase to Easterly F5-6, so we sort-of sailed down to Falmouth Yacht Haven for a few days. We were on the inside and only pitched during the gusts or when boats went past, so at night it was quiet. After 3 days, we’re still here!