Monthly Archives: July 2016

Sailing! We’ve been SAILING

At last, we’ve gone for a sail, even if it was for only one night, it was definitely worth it. Cargreen to Newton Ferriers and back via the Eddystone light.

We caught the morning tide down the river (we had to get up early as well!) to meet up with Neil Glenhill of Hemisphere Rigging to have our rigging checked. Just as well, as he found a few faults and  adjusted the rigging to a better tension. We were away from Plymouth Yacht Haven by 12:00. A very large number of yotties sail out of the Plymouth marinas, have lunch whilst anchored in Cawsand Bay and return back to their berth. Well, we had to do that for old times sake. We anchored near Yunita and exchanged news with H & S also from Cargreen.

We sailed for an hour out of the Sound on a beam reach (fastest point of sailing) South (ish) and then headed towards Newton Ferriers to go in on the flood tide. The sail was great, if only for a half day. We really enjoyed being on the boat with no TV, hardly had the radio on and quiet. We both slept very well on our new berth cushions. We did our usual, had tea in bed and got up late. We did see and hear quite a few boats go out while we were in bed!

Our plan for the Wednesday sail was to check that the Eddystone light was still OK. The wind was West Force 2 – 3. We were close hauled all the way from the River Yealm to Eddystone, however, the wind backed about 10º which meant that at around 1:00pm, we had to tack to get to the Eddystone. We didn’t get too close because there were at least 12 fishing boats of various sizes all around it.

The sail back was even better, the sun was out (yes, we got sunburnt!), the sea was fairly calm, and the wind was very favourable for us to sail all the way back up the River. Although we had to work quite hard to get around the Hamoaze and clear of the MoD dock. We took the sails down before we got to Saltash as the wind was getting very flooky, just as well, because the wind died going under the bridges.

We had a lovely sail, probably the best first sail for quite some time and after many, many delays. we got going in our boat that is looking very good, at last!

PS. Sorry, no photos, my phone died and I didn’t bring my proper camera on this short trip.

Another PS. We clearly had the best few days of the week all week!