Monthly Archives: February 2016

I’m Still “at it”!

This is a dull time of the year as it’s either too wet or too cold or both to do much on the boat. However, I have been doing stuff at home.

A continuing job is building the panels of synthetic treak for the cockpit.

I’m starting to rebuild the bulkhead under the galley sink, but that was originally installed before Sadlers put the sinks, so a single piece cannot fit, however, a two piece bulkhead does. The shelves are ready for varnishing; the bulkhead will have laminate on the outside to prevent any water splashed from the sink rotting the wood. Inside the locker, the other side will be painted.

The filling has been taking up to a week to cure so that it can be sanded back smooth. The alternative is using glasspaper which cloggs with partially cured epoxy. After a couple of months, it nearly ready for painting, but the weather has not been nearly warm or dry enough. Today might have been for a couple of hours, but the paint would take at least 3 days to cure and I’m hoping that the joiner will be fitting the new toerail very soon. I don’t want him treading all over the paint!

In a previous post, I mentioned the removal of the skin fittings for the sink drains in the galley and the heads. The new skin fittings are back into clean holes in the hull, today, sealed in with marine sealant and they have a large fibreglass washer for the securing nut to bond against. They will be tightened on my next visit to really make sure there are no leaks. Next job is to refit the drains, however, in the galley I’m yet to find a suitable ‘Y’ connection ‘cos there are 2 sinks to drain. If all else fails, I’ll use a ‘T’ union.

We like to drink from glass whenever possible, but we haven’t got proper storage for the glasses. On the starboard side, I’ve built a locker to take 4 wine glasses and 4 tumblers and next to it there will be 2 drawers, something this boat doesn’t have! The outside frame is done and ready to be fitted, shelves for the glasses cut and also ready for fitting. It did take several fittings! The drawers will take even longer! It is complicated as the space for the locker has no right-anglesĀ  and it’s not been easy to fit!

The teakwork is getting better, today I belt-sanded the toe-rail which is looking more like teak and not a grey mass; there’s a bit of hand-sanding left to do. Next job is to oil the teakwork. It will make a huge difference to the appearance.