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A Sort of Sail to Fowey and Back

On Mon 7 Sep, we managed to get our act together and get ourselves and our “stuff” down to the boat and set off, initially, towards the River Yealm, but we changed our minds several times and ended up going to Fowey. We had a fairly boozy BBQ on the previous Sat, spent Sun clearing up and getting rid of a hangover and eating leftovers!

The weather was forecast to be E to SE 3 to 4 occasionally 5; but we tried sailing in very little wind that the sea was smooth with the left-over swell from the previous days. It’s a very good job that we have a reliable motor in Cuchulainn! The sun was shining, the sky was mostly blue with those white fluffy things (Cumulus).

Fowey is probably our favourite port, however, we now go to the Gallants Sailing Club for showers after the other one charged £1 for 2 minutes! We complained but I have no idea if they have improved.

On Tue, we walked to Golant and back, unfortunately, it starts and finishes on the main road to Fowey and is quite busy. Once off that road, it’s much quieter. Golant is a lovely little riverside village, probably mostly holiday homes, but it has a very good pub which, for once, we didn’t check out! Today’s highlight was probably the best cream tea in Fowey at the Garden House on Fore Street. When we got back to the boat one of the berthing master informed us that the mooring we were on was being lifted at 08:00 the following morning, so we moved to another one.

Around 8 the following morning, we awoke to a large ship coming into the harbour and moored up, stern to the big ship mooring buoy and the bow held by its two anchors. Here was the real reason for the demanded move! Can’t think why they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell us the truth.

The Reason for Moving - A Cruise Ship

The Reason for Moving – A Cruise Ship

On Wed, we walked from Polruan East along the coast path towards Lantic Bay (our last visit was at least 4 years ago). It was a good sailing day with several boats out enjoying the wind but they probably didn’t enjoy the waves and swell that went with it. The return was inland via Lantiglos Church and Pont Pill then along the Hall Walk.

View from the Hall Walk towards Fowey and our mooring

View from the Hall Walk towards Fowey and our mooring

Our supper out that evening was at the Safe Harbour pub at the top of Darloe Lane. Well recommended for the good food, especially fish and it’s away from the tourists on Fore Street.

The weather could be nicer to us and changed to the West but it didn’t! We had arranged to meet T & J in the River Yealm on Fri. Our well-reefed boat could only manage 3 to 3½ knots sailing into the Easterly wind Force 4 to 5 with the odd gust to Force 6 and with the waves and swell from the same direction. Our ETA was between 18:00 and 20:00, so, damn it, we motored instead which was still a very bumpy ride. We moored on the top pontoon in the R. Yealm for a very peaceful night away from wind and swell. Note to self: the sun sets here around 4:30pm because of the hills!

Friday was lovely, T & J arrived as planned and the Skipper picked them up from the pontoon and took them back to the boat for a cup of coffee and a debate on what to do. (That went on for a while!) We wanted to move the boat because a rally from Salcombe had booked the top pontoon. We set off down-river expecting to do a gentle motor around and back in, however, the weather was much better than forecast; up went the sails, off went the engine and peace for an hour while T helmed Cuchulainn out towards the Mewstone and back, to a swinging mooring and then for lunch at the Ship in Noss Mayo.

The Skipper rants on about the Met Office; Sat 12 Sep, they got it right! SE 4-5 occasionally 6 and Moderate to Rough seas. We decided to leave a little later than we should. One boat went out earlier but returned soon after, saying that the waves were too much for his draft. Neither the Boss or the Skipper thought this likely so we left intending to anchor in Barn Pool by Mt Edgecombe. There was plenty of water for us as we drew 1.4m and the water depth was a minimum of 2.8m. I told the previous boat over the radio, his reply was “we’ll be quite happy here for a while”. He was going to leave at high tide that evening – 18:15.

Once around the Mewstone, where it was quite rough we sailed through the Eastern entrance across the Sound and Drake’s Island Bridge to Barn Pool. Here we waited until just before 14:00 which was our allocated start time for the White Sail Challenge in the Cargreen Yacht Club Regatta.

It seemed to go OK; the start line was Dunstone Rock Buoy leaving it to port, round South Winter Buoy leaving it to port, round North Drakes Island Buoy leaving it to port, round East Vanguard Buoy leaving it to starboard, round West Mud Buoy leaving it to starboard, thence to the finish line at Cargreen. We were close-hauled to West Mud but missed the buoy and turned around and rounded the buoy properly. Off the wind for the rest of the way up to Cargreen was fine. We moored up and spent the next hour or so tidying up the boat and packing what we needed. The Skipper did 2 journeys back to the car with our stuff, got changed and helped out at the bar for a bit. (The manager said he didn’t need help! He did.) Got a burger and sausage or two. The Skipper got accosted by the White Sail organiser who told us “You’ve won!” It was a bottle of gin! RESULT! After meeting up with quite a few people, took several photos of the raft race (uploaded to the Cargreen YC website later) and went home – for a rest!

The 5 days away didn’t include much sailing except for the exceptional good last day – the 1st time the Boss has won a sailing race.!Met up with plenty of people, old friends and new. The Boat show is at Southampton next week; a few days sailing during the after and then Lift out to start the renovation on the deck on 2 Oct.