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We’re Afloat! (at last)

We launched on Thu 16 Apr 15 from the Yacht Haven Quay! At Last!

The Skipper drove the boat the half mile to the Yacht Haven to stay overnight in order to pressure wash the deck to get rid of 5 months of grime (there was lots). The new fuel tank was filled up with diesel (no leaks! but the tank had been pressure tested for at least 24 hours.) The re-sealed water tank was filled up and that didn’t leak either. So far so good.

Next stop, Cargreen Yacht Club … the skipper left at 12:30 on Friday, had fun departing single-handed in about 15knots of wind directly on the bow. As I walked the boat back on the pontoon the tiller flipped over and dragged the stern away and the wind caught the bow and we rotated the wrong way! In the end, I manoeuvered the boat around the long way and left. I want wheel steering which stays where I put it!

The engine alarm sounded on the way down to the marina, but when I ran it again later, it didn’t sound so the help I asked for from Gavin at Mount Batten Boathouse wasn’t needed. Ten minutes after the Skipper left, the %$£%& alarm sounded and stayed on all the way to Cargreen. It was only muted by jamming a sweater against it! All the warning lights were working correctly so I need a new Volvo alarm unit costing at least £120. Thanks Volvo, I’ll just disconnect it.

The new depth gauge works fine, however, I think I’ve set the zero incorrectly, ‘cos tidying up the fenders and warps, I ran aground when the gauge read 0.4m. It’s a small job to adjust with the manual in hand.

Seventy minutes later, the Skipper picked up our mooring at Cargreen. It’s great to be back afloat. We hope to go for a day sail in a few days when the tides are favourable.

Cuchulainn afloat for the 2015 season at Cargreen

Cuchulainn afloat for the 2015 season at Cargreen

Launch Date Looming

I finished the two major jobs back in Feb; since then I’ve been doing all the other little jobs that needed doing. Hardly enough to justify writing the info in the blog.

As soon as the fuel tank was complete, the cockpit locker was filled with the contents of the aft locker and work started in there. Sadler 34 gas drain is via the cockpit drains which are always full of water because of the way they run! No good as gas drains; we now have a dedicated drain from the locker to the hull.

I removed the heater (probably original ~1997) that wasn’t connected to the fuel tank, didn’t have a fuel pump or a control panel. Those items alone will cost £500, goodness knows how much it would cost to get the heater working which stopped being supported by Eberspacher about 5 years ago! Better to buy a new one, which we will do next winter. I ground back the exhaust hole and patched with glass and finished with gelcoat.

We have a new outboard motor bracket on the pushpit, replacing the rotten bit of ply that could have been original.

The engine has been de-winterised and was run up after bleeding the fuel through to the engine. Runs very well and much quieter with all the new soundproofing.

I’ve spent some time tidying all the 12v cabling throughout the boat ending up with a bagful of bits of excess cable. I’ve also installed a new vent for the heads and included a fan. (£5 from Maplin, computer cooling fan!)

The major holes and mess around the chart table has been tidied up, rubbed down and varnished. Unfortunately, it means that I will have to varnish the rest of the interior!

The dinghy has been cleaned up, although we nearly bought a much newer one; it now has a homemade GRP seat. We hoped to move nearer the causeway and would be well within rowing distance. However, it proved to be too shallow for us. The previous occupants only drew 1.1m.

We STILL have leaks from around the forehatch. I hope that I will have time to remove it, clean up the base and refit before we launch. Otherwise, it will be done during a day afloat.

We’ve done the antifouling; All the string has been put up and the mainsail rigged, although I got the reef lines mixed up.

Launch is on Thusday; we’ll spend the night at the Yacht Haven to pressure wash the deck, refuel and fill up with water. We’ve even bought a hose pipe specially. The plan is for the Skipper to go up to the mooring at Cargreen on Friday. However, if it’s a nice day, I may have a quick sail but don’t tell the Boss!