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Tanks now Complete!

I was worried that I hadn’t put enough hardener into the resin for the cockpit locker. On the next visit to finish the job, the first thing I checked was that the resin had set – it had, if it was still sticky, I wasn’t sure what I would do. The final job to the fuel tank was fixing down the fuel hoses and ’tis done. Just add fuel! I’ve got some but the rest will be done after launch in April.

New Fuel Tank in Position

New Fuel Tank in Position

I connected the breather tube for the water tank quite easily. But the feeds for the water to the taps needed extra tubing as well as the filler tube both meant a trip to Gavin at Mt Batten. Getting the filler tube onto the elbow inside the locker with a heat gun and lots of heaving and shoving. Eventually, I got the tube on, then cut it to fit onto the elbow on the tank. Loadsa jubilee clips later, ’tis done.

Water Tank Reconnected, Resealed with new Hatch Covers

Water Tank Reconnected, Resealed with new Hatch Covers


Is this a Home Straight?

Probably not!

I’ve finished the fuel tank, which is connected up to the engine fuel lines and the support shelf is now glassed in so that it cannot move. Just add fuel! I bought some beige colouring for resin and I’ve covered all the glass repairs I’ve made in the cockpit locker so they are now better comaflaged with the right colour-ish instead of bright white on beige gelcoat.

The water tank was sterilised with Milton and the lid was sealed down with Silicon sealant and about 60 screws. Thank goodness for electric screwdrivers! I had cut a second inspection hatch into the lid and had two stainless steel covers made. I fixed those down with the same sealant and 18 screws in each. Last job is to re-connect tubes and the level sender unit, then it’s done!

I’ve installed a substantial fiddle for the larger bookshelf at the chart table – a hinged affair, looks the job but a bit agricultural! Just need to make a fiddle for the smaller shelf. That will be a wood batten fixed between two slots.

As is usual, it’s the fiddley bits that take the time, so I’m finishing the soundproofing very slowly. This also means that I had to fix down the fuel line again as well as the engine control cables and 12v cables for the windlass. That’s now done and I can now fix the soundproofing around them. Possibly a day’s work!?

I’ve found some hinges for the heads doors and will fix them on my next visit. One door is varnished temporarily. It really needs stripping completely, repair the water damage to the laminate and re varnish. Sadler really did cut corners and didn’t even use WPB ply but standard interior ply. Plonkers.

I’m getting near the end of the winter jobs.


Working in the Freezer!

By Heck, it was cold this morning! Made worse, ‘cos I was finishing off the fixings for the stainless steel fuel tank. I collected the tank last week, did a rough fit and “modified” the three steel tags for location by extending the bolt holes by 3 mm and modifying the batten and the shelf that it held up. Today, I bolted the batten in, knocked in the shelf, replaced the temporary bolts with tapered spacers and now it’s solidly fixed. Jobs left here are: glassing in the shelf (warmer temperatures needed), connecting the engine feed and return, sealing off the outlet for the heater. I’ve connected the breather and filler tubes. Great, nearly done!

To warm up, I inserted the supporting blocks of wood into the soundproofing for the cooling water strainer, stop lever and external fuel filter. They are now all fitted but I forgot the engine bay fire extinguisher! Job for when it’s warmer.

I’ve managed to lose a couple of hinges for the heads and forecabin doors – they’re purpose-built and goodness knows where they are. A serious hunt will take place in due course.

The only significant job left is finishing the water tank: sterilise the inside, seal and fit the lid (60-something screws) and the two inspection hatches (another 30 screws). Otherwise t’s cleaning and tidying and putting the two doors back as well as all the string, sails etc etc.

Pictures next time, I hope.