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Soundproof Engine Bay

Last Wed, I spent most of the day cutting pieces of soundproofing cut to fit into the engine bay around the engine. If you want to do this job easily – first remove your engine! The rear door to the engine was easy to do as I removed the door! It was a case of cut & fit & glue. However, the sides of the bay by the engine were done in 4 pieces and then the joins were covered with aluminium tape.

I have begun to cut holes in the soundproofing for the fuel filter, engine stop handle, water strainer and fire extinguisher. I’ve made wooden blocks with the necessary fittings for all the items. Next task is to fit the blocks and hope everything works! I’ve just got the small bits to fit that will fill the edges etc.

Dave Wiley has finished the tank, I saw it in his workshop being pressure tested. I expect it will be delivered sometime next week. The shelf is ready but will need cutting to fit.

Working on and in Tanks

The model of the fuel tank was delivered to Dickie B after the New Year, only to discover that the steel fabricator thinks that the 5 bolts are insufficient to take all the weight with the leverage. When full of fuel it will weigh around 180Kg; I think that he has a point! Back to the drawing board to reserrect the shelf that I intended to use if I bought a plastic tank. I’m also going to forced to fit it AFTER the tank has been installed! Not easy, ‘cos there will be very little space under the tank.

Everything is ready for the fitting of the water tank lid, except for warmer weather. The sealant should have around 10°C. The recent max is around 5°C. I’ve cut the hole for the 2nd inspection hatch so I can now get to clean the whole of the inside, if necessary. I have fitted a water level gauge, unfortunately, the only place I can fit it is in the recess where the lid is inside the trotter box. This means that the gauge will read full until ¾ but when it reads empty it is empty! The cover of the sender unit is too tall to put anywhere else.

The fridge is now fully working, Merve from Mt Batten Boathouse diagnosed a blown fuse that I had missed. The replacement thermostat is fitted and the final job is to put some insulation onto the lid. ANy ideas where I can get suitable stuff?

The engine bay is getting new and proper sound insulation instead of open-cell foam. One part was soaked in oil & diesel and given half a chance would have burnt nicely. As Merve (see above) said, “you would probably die from the fumes from the foam before anything else”. He’s normally a very cheerful chap! The engine covers/companionway steps in the saloon have been done; it’s quite easy placing sheets of sound insulation with contact adhesive in a workshop but sticking sheets around the engine mounts will be fun!

I’ve made a new outboard engine bracket for the pushpit and a hinged fiddle for the bookshelf for A4 books at the chart table. I’ll be test fitting both on my next visit prior to varnishing.


Happy New Year

Thirty-six hours after the hangover, I went to the boat to continue sorting the instrument panel and the fuel tank. This was a reasonable day with wind but no rain.

The Raymarine network demanded that I use numerous connectors and a connector block at great expense so I soldered the narrow connectors (x9) to a single cable at almost zero cost instead of £50+. All the instruments are connected – new Depth sounder, existing Windspeed and Boatspeed. The chartplotter is now fitted to the middle of the instrument panel and reconnected. Better still! It works!

Completed Instrument panel fully working

Completed Instrument panel fully working

Next Mon, I hope to order the new fuel tank. I have marked up the full scale model (plywood) where the full outlets, breather, filler, return should be positioned. The model is 330mm wide and the cockpit locker where the tank will go is 345mm wide – it’s a very tight fit! It was quite easy to bolt the ply version, however, the stainless steel version will be very heavy and may need extra help to fit. Watch this space.

Full Size Wooden Model of Fuel Tank

Full Size Wooden Model of Fuel Tank

I bought the gauges for both the water tank and fuel tank. The next job is re-fitting the water tank lid and make it watertight.

Just before Christmas, in the postal rush, ASAP Supplies delivered the sound-proofing for the engine bay. Now that will be fun to fit! Come and watch if you want to learn some new words!