Monthly Archives: December 2014

Not a Month off!

It’s a month since my last post, however, we have been doing quite a bit to the boat as well as everything else. Worse still, the hard disc crashed on this computer which has taken a few days to sort, lost the username/password for this blog and got snowed under with stuff from the other website that I run for the sailing club.

After the removal of the old fuel tank, I’ve made a space model for the new tank out of ply and I will be using the original bolt fixings to secure it. I had a quick look at another Sadler34 in the yard and discovered that the original tank is canted away from the bulkhead which will make fixing with thick spacers fun! Today, I hoped to take it to DickieB for them to manufacture, however, they’re off until 5 Jan. There’s plenty of time – famous last words!

The new instrument panel is installed, with the new depth gauge and loudspeakers; wiring up will take a little time as I’ve got to fiddle around with the chartplotter which will be fixed on top of the instrument panel.

New Instrument Panel

New Instrument Panel

The wiring that I did before launch was, to say the least, a little messy. I’ve started to tidy it up. The windlass cables in the forecabin look much better. I have noticed that we STILL got a very small leak from one of the deck fittings. More crackcure needed!

We bought a battery charger which works fine, it even restored our completely flat caravan battery! Cables that came with the unit mean that it can be permanently wired in – a job for later!

Merve from Mt Batten Boathouse serviced the engine and has replaced all the engine mounts. The old ones were worn out and one was actually for a different engine. No wonder the engine vibrated and the shaft was out of alignment! Next job is to install the new sound-proofing.

The cockpit table will not wobble as much next year ‘cos I’ve strengthened it up with a full backing plate and we will have an extra securing loop for safety harnesses for the helm. There were numerous holes in the cockpit that I’ve filled with gelcoat. All the old paint that a previous owner put on has been removed – it came off with scraping, however, another previous owner tried to remove it with paint-stripper but that has stained the gelcoat. Eventually, we will repaint the whole of the topside. I would really like to replace the rotten ply teak in the cockpit with plastic teak but we should do that after we paint.