Monthly Archives: August 2014

Family getting in the way!

A few days after we arrived in Cargreen, I went down to the boat again and motored to moor alongside the Cargreen quay; thank you to Nigel. Low tide was at 11:00, so I waited until we touched bottom with the keel at around 0945, gave a small heave on the main halyard to pull the boat over about 5deg and we settled nicely into the mud. Another cup of tea later, I was able to start removing the mountings for the speed log and depth transducer.

What a mess they were in! The depth transducer was “sealed” in with clear sanitary sealant! I’m very surprised it didn’t leak like a sieve! It was relatively easy to remove the muck, however, the speed transducer was sealed in with glue of some sort which had to be scraped off with a chisel (very carefully!). Once everything was clean, it was a fairly easy job to replace the mountings, using the proper stuff – Sikaflex 291. I had probably finished by 12:00. Time for another cup of tea, lunch, entertain visitors – at least 3 club members who live very close by came to see who had dried out alongside and a number of others came to wonder why a boat was moored to the quay with no water. I also cursed that I didn’t have a ladder to get up onto the wall more easily. The last time I dried out here was with a Rival 41, which drew 2.0m and a bit extra on the freeboard. With 1.4m draft, we were a bit lower! I was back on the mooring by 15:30 and home by 17:00. Both the speed and depth now work!

We had hoped to go sailing, however, the building work is nearly done, so the inside and outside needed painting, ie no sailing! Our daughter is moving flats and needs stuff out of the store, ie no sailing! Our son has a new addition and we going to see him, ie no sailing! This weekend is weather is %$@& again, ie no sailing. Well, Mon/Tue may be OK if the forecast changes.

Watch this space!